The Dossier

(The Intercountry Adoption Board)

Your DOSSIER consists of all documents pertaining to you as prospective adoptive parents. It serves the purpose of presenting YOU, as prospective adoptive parents, to the Intercountry Adoption Board (ICAB) and to its Intercountry Placement Committee (ICPC), which is responsible for matching a child to you.

Your Dossier consists of the following:

  • ICAB Application Form (notarized0
  • Type of child acceptable to the family (for non-relative adoption only)
  • ICAB Information & Personal Data of Applicants
  • ICAB Self-Report Questionnaire (each applicant)
  • Approved Home Study
  • Birth Certificate (each applicant; if adopting a relative, birth certificate of their common ancestry delineating relationship up to the 4th degree of consanguinity)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Decree, if applicable
  • Consent to Adoption of Children, 10 years & above witnessed by the social worker after proper counseling, in the form of a sworn statement
  • Medical Report (each applicant)
  • Psychological Evaluation Report (each applicant)
  • Clearance: Criminal Conviction (each applicant)
  • Clearance: Child Abuse/Neglect (each applicant)
  • Affidavits/Certifications of Good Moral Character from:
    • Parish Priest/Minister
    • Employers (each applicant)
    • Community Member (known applicants at least 5 years)
  • Letter of Acceptance of the designated guardian(s)
  • Photographs (2 sets):
    • Color postcard size full body (each applicant)
    • Applicant’s home exterior (1)
    • Applicant’s home interior (1)
    • Child’s bedroom (1)
    • Play area (1)
    • Family Photograph (1)
    • Family showing family interaction
    • Other household members/pets (for relative adoption only)
  • Adoption decree of the PAP’s previously adopted Filipino child
  • Last 3 years Income Tax Returns
  • Certification re Eligibility of Applicants to Adopt (approved 1-800a)
  • Application Fee of $200 (issued to Resources for Life, which will be forwarded to ICAB)

Relative Adoption Only:

  • Prospective adoptee’s birth certificate
  • Mother/Father’s death certificate
  • Mother/Father’s Consent to Adoption

Medical Considerations and Psychological Report

After careful deliberations, the Intercountry Adoption Board (ICAB) has come up with the list of new requirements for Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs) with medical and psychological concerns. 

Effective November 1, 2009, foreign adoption agencies should no longer accept families for the Philippine program who have the following medical and psychological issues as they will no longer be accepted by ICAB:

List of unacceptable medical issues:

  1. Diabetes Mellitus (unless approved by ICAB)
  2. Obese (BMI of PAPs should be 35 and below)
  3. Cancer
  4. Kidney transplant and any major transplant (heart, lung, liver)
  5. Pacemaker/stroke/myocardial infarction
  6. Multiple sclerosis and other degenerative muscular disorder
  7. Autoimmune disorders
  8. Risk factors that will impede care for the child (e.g. blind, deaf, wheelchair bound)
  9. Hepatitis C

List of unacceptable psychological issues:

  1. Psychiatric disorders
  2. Mood disorders/major depressive disorders
  3. Anxiety disorders
  4. Substance use disorders
  5. Sexual disorders

ICAB requires that all applicants to be adoptive parents to a Filipino child seek a full psychological evaluation from a competent practitioner.

ICAB expects the psychologist to employ a reasonable combination of assessment processes when preparing the psychological evaluation report – clinical interview, evaluation of collateral information and psychological testing among others. The psychological evaluation report reflects the practitioner’s synthesis of all the gathered data.

The psychological evaluation report, therefore, shall include, but not limited to the following:

  1. Early experiences (e.g. childhood or adolescent years) that played a significant role in their development as individuals. How did those experiences shape their development? Will unresolved issues, if any, likely impact the applicants’ parenting capability?
  2. Functional assessment.
  3. General coping mechanisms and problem-solving strategies as individuals and as a couple.
  4. Clinical impressions
  5. Objective tests administered. Briefly describe what each test is meant to measure. State the results and their implications on the individuals capability as prospective adoptive parents.
  6. Conclusions and recommendations.

The following are the psychological tests required for PAPs

(Note: the psychologist is expected to have access to valid and reliable psychological tests within his/her jurisdiction).

  1. Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality
  2. Inventory-2-Restructured Form (MMPI-2-RF)
  3. Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory III (MCMI-III)
  4. Rorschach and Projective Personality Tests
  5. Bender Gestalt Test
  6. Fired Sentence Completion Test
  7. DAP and RBE 2
  8. 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire*
  9. Parent Awareness Skills Survey*
  10. Hare Psychopathy Checklist-R*

Note: * optional tests

ICAB will be expecting a more comprehensive psychological and medical assessment for PAPs who intend to adopt a regular child from the Philippines. PAPs seeking a relative or a special needs child will be assessed on a case-to-case basis.