The Placement and Supervision


The Intercountry Adoption Law of the Philippines provides for the supervision of 6 month trial custody of a Filipino child in an adoptive home. During this period, your social worker will make arrangements for a monthly home or office visit or contact with the adoptive family. You may also be required to complete a form that indicates the child’s progress in your home, school and other areas.

Every two months, a supervision report is completed and forwarded to the Intercountry Adoption Board in Manila. Adoptive families are also required to submit photographs taken of the child and the adoptive family during the period to go with the supervision reports. At the end of the six months, if everything goes well in the placement, an AFFIDAVIT OF CONSENT to finalize the adoption is requested from ICAB. Thereafter, a petition to finalize legal adoption of the child may be filed with the Family Court of Hawaii.

If, however, the placement is found unsatisfactory and continued placement is not in the child’s best interest, the placement shall be suspended and other arrangements may be made for the placement of the child in another adoptive home.

Repatriation or the return of the child to the Philippines is considered only as a last resort if found by the ICAB to be in the child’s best interest.