The Matching Process

MATCHING is the process of selecting the most suitable adoptive family for a child, according to the needs of the child and the resources of the adoptive family.

The process is undertaken by the Intercountry Adoption Board (ICAB) through its Intercountry Placement Committee (ICPC) composed of a child psychiatrist or child psychologist, a medical doctor or pediatrician, a lawyer, a registered social worker and representatives of child caring agencies in the Philippines.

The ICAB considers only those families who are on the official roster of approved applicants for matching. As prospective adoptive parents, your dossier serves as the basis on which selection or matching is done.

The children considered for the matching process are deemed legally free and ready for intercountry adoption.

RESOURCES FOR LIFE properly notifies the applicants or prospective adoptive parents upon receipt of a matching proposal from ICAB. The letter of proposal is accompanied by the Child Study Report, progress report, child’s photograph and child’s medical history, if available. Acceptance (or non-acceptance) of the matching proposal is transmitted to ICAB in writing within fifteen (15) days from date of receipt of letter-proposal.