The Children for Adoption

Non Relative

  • Orphans and abandoned childrenRFLH2
  • Male or female, although there is predominance of male children and process for female children is somewhat longer
  •  10 months – 12 years old
  • Healthy or with special needs*
  • Sibling groups (also classified under “special needs” category)


(within the 4th civil degree of consanguinity)

  • Orphans* and abandoned children
  • Male or Female
  • Nephew/niece, cousin, grandchild, sibling
  • 15 years and below (application has to be complete and form 1-800a approved by the USCIS prior to the child’s 16th birthday)
  •  Sibling groups (also classified under “special needs” category)

*USCIS defines “orphan” as a child who has no parents because of death, disappearance, abandonment, desertion, or separation or loss from both parents. Also considered, as an orphan, is a child with only one parent who is incapable of properly providing care for the child and has, in writing, irrevocably released the orphan for emigration and adoption.

“Special needs” children may be developmentally delayed or may have minor and correctable disabilities (e.g. vision or hearing problems, club foot, cleft palate, minor heart defects, etc.) Also, any child over the age of six (6) is considered special needs.